Bouffant Inc is the alter ego to Hardysalon. A place where you can really let your wild side out at the end of the week with friends.

We have a selection of looks that have been professionally designed by our creative team. You can choose a look and add extras as you wish. Bouffant Inc supplies you and your party with chilled Prosecco, professionally shaken or stirred cocktails and music to suit your mood for the evening. Bouffant Inc welcomes all special occasions.

We can’t wait to start making memories with you.

Vava Voom
Lux Blow
Chic Blow
Power Blow
Signature Hardys
Sew up Bob
Top Knot
Perfect Pony

“Let me introduce the alter ego to HardySalon; Bouffant Inc. An exclusive new blow dry bar that invites you to express your wild side. Take a wander down the spiralled staircase where comfy designer furniture creates a charming, stylish welcome. Think blissful volume and luxurious, beautiful hair. Bouffant Inc twinkles in golden bulbs upon a wet look tiled wall. The entire boutique drenched in glamour and lit by the bulbs around the dressing-room style mirrors. It’s not only the hair that’s glossy, the jet black bar serves the drink of choice and diet coke from glass bottles.

It’s the attention to detail and the personalisation that entices you in, wide eyed and eager for styling. The experience is crafted to have you not just looking ready for a party but feeling it too – the playlist and vibe catered to each client. Rachel’s Peach Melba pout, honeycomb dip-dye and the clack of her heels brings a feminine flourish to the edgy space. The exaggerated Silhouette of her Barnett brings a slight sixties nostalgia to the salon where more, is most definitely more.

The real magic lies in the finish; whether it be superbly sleek and pristine or full, bouncy and textured. Either way, there is a strong focus on perfection. The experience echoes that of your best friend’s bedroom – applying lipstick and back combing hair, but you needn’t lift the comb and the drinks are poured for you. Everybody knows that getting ready is the best part of a night out and you leave Bouffant Inc with a fluorescent sparkle and a promise of fun in the air.”

Words by Poppy Haskell

Sorority Club

Sorority Club

Bouffant inc invites you to join our exclusive sorority club.

Simply visit our urban underground and unleash your wild side to join our sorority.

Your 5th visit is on us!